Whether it’s brand advancement, video, news update or even a meme, visual content manages the social media scene. What has become so popular is conveying your label on social media by pictures and videos. In this quick-scroll creation of social media, the optical face of your brand is usually the first thing your viewers sees […]

Recently Twitter came up with some significant changes which are pretty useful. The redesign presents the site resembles a much more like the Twitter mobile app. Here’s is the list of additions and why it implies to your business:         1)    Overall interface redesign Twitter in your Web browser instantly seems a […]

User-generated content, alternatively referred to as user-created content, is any content, like pictures, videos, text and audio, that have been posted by users on online platforms like social media and Wikipedia.     Here are the advantages of user-generated content 1)    Promote Genuineness Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to look at user-generated content as […]

LinkedIn over the years has emerged as a powerful tool for business owners and people to increase their connection, generate more leads, promote their complete, and also become a thought leader. However, there are still several firms who have dropped the idea of implementing a strong LinkedIn strategy to promote their brand or expand their […]

What is TweetDeck? TweetDeck is a social management tool dedicated exclusively to Twitter. It offers Twitter users a very customizable and comprehensive way to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Benefits of TweetDeck 1)   Quickly view Feeds, Notifications, Messages, & More When you first examine TweetDeck, it’s going to appear overwhelming and confusing.  However, once you start […]

Featured snippets are selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results below the ads in a box. Featured snippets aim at answering the user’s question right away. Being featured means getting additional brand exposure in search results. Google makes it very clear that the term snippet applies solely to the description. […]

With the advent of technology, the traditional methods of communication have taken a backseat, and the world is moving towards a more digitised way of conversation at a very rapid pace. For any of the company, customer support is an essential component of their success. Better communication with your customer means better results for your […]

Facebook advertising is one of the best mediums available to reach your target audience in a comparatively cost-effective manner. Facebook advertising guides and easy interface make it a child’s play for everyone to start with the first advertising campaign. The problematic part is optimisation and getting better results. Here are a few things which you […]

A lot of buzzes is happening around first-party & third-party cookie setting for Facebook Pixel that is supposed to get implemented from October 24, 2018. Here is the simplified explanation to understand what does that exactly mean for an advertiser like me. Before going to the technicalities, we have to first understand different types of […]

Social media is a crucial tool that can be leveraged effectively to boost the organic reach of your posts and drive traffic to your website. Using an effective Social Media Strategy will help you in the expansion of your brand reach organically. You can utilise the major social media channels effectively without draining too much […]